Flynet Viewer Web Terminal Emulation

With Inventu Flynet Viewer, it's easy to provide access to the host through any browser, on any device using the latest security and authentication techniques.

Users gain instant terminal emulation with no downloads, no installs and no plug-ins.

Avoid the Setup and Security Problems of Older Terminal Emulators

Flynet Viewer runs as a standard, modern web application on a non-proprietary, standard Windows Server. Flynet connects to your host behind the firewall and to your end-users via standard HTML and Javascript using the same security measures employed for your other Cloud and web-based applications.

Want the Best Web Terminal Emulator?

More Feature Details

  • Flynet Viewer meets your need to support web client emulation connecting to a wide variety of hosts including IBM Mainframe, AS400 (iSeries/IBM i) and UNIX and VAX/VMS (VT100/220) applications, including MultiValue (Viewpoint /Wyse / AccuTerm / Wintegrate)
  • Supports all popular browsers on multiple devices - supports users that "bring their own device" to work...
  • Easily replaces obsolete "Web" products, such as IBM Host-on-Demand, that require Java applets or ActiveX Controls (along with their security and compatibility problems).
  • Integrates with your Identity and Security requirements with standard Windows Security or Microsoft Azure Active Directory; optional custom Common Access Card (CAC), Two-factor authentication or any other identity solution.
  • Fully controlled access and security with server-side stateful control and data-aware logging and alerts.
  • Eliminates download and setup issues because it is Pure HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • The best option for your network compressed and optimized screen updates as well as HTTP options that ensure compatibility across all components. Many newer HTML5 products send every keystroke across the network, even when connecting TN5250 or TN3270.
  • Add it to your Portal or Web Pages with our Javascript library that enables an Emulation frame in your web pages--with data exchange actions and events.
  • Rich Font Options Includes many fonts for users to select from--and automatically resizes and "stretches" fonts as the web page size and geometry changes.
  • Supports older browsers because it does NOT require HTML5 or WebSockets (but it uses them when available...)
  • Automate host application functions and features with new, industry-exclusive WebFlow Macros that are Cloud Application Enabled! (click here to learn more...)
  • You can quickly customize the emulator by adding graphics such as company logo, project or department emblem, or other images.
  • Use your standard and special keys with full keyboard settings support.
  • Type-ahead support for your "power users"
  • Advanced Integration using Flynet Tools to build Full-function Web Services, Enhanced UIs, combine multiple screens, hide data, and streamline workflows.
  • Easily manage all host sessions through a centralized session management console
  • Tailor a cost-effective solution to your needs with flexible licensing, based upon concurrent users, not on the number of clients

Here is a Short Video Describing the Flynet Web Terminal Emulator

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