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Do We Make Sense for You?

IF Your organization runs, or accesses applications on one of the following platforms:
  • IBM Mainframe using 3270 terminals or terminal emulators
  • IBM AS/400 / IBM i using 5250 terminals or terminal emulators
  • DEC/VAX minicomputer using VT100/VT220/VT320/VT420 terminals or terminal emulators
  • UNIX / HPUX / AIX / Linux / Pick / MultiValue VTxxx, ADDS/ViewPoint, Wyse, ANSI or XTerm protocols
THEN Inventu has a product that you should learn more about...

Why a Product Choice?

With the diversity of hosts and development tools now available compared to 1997 (when we started Screensurfer development), it is important for Inventu to offer both Screensurfer and Flynet Viewer, as they each share many common traits but are targeted at different classes of users, administrators and developers.

Making the Choice

The following table provides some insight into which product may be right for you.
Your Development Environment Product Recommendation
None! - We are only interested in providing secure web-based terminal emulation to any browser, any device Flynet Viewer:
  • Pure HTML + Javascript Emulation for multiple devices including PC, Mac OS/X, Linux, Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone) and many others
  • No Plug-ins (Java or ActiveX) required
  • Can add to existing Web-facing Windows Server
  • Installation services and Virtual Images available for new servers
  • Works great with Windows Server 2013, 2016 or older Windows Servers (can be evaluated on any Windows Platform)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008 or 2005 Flynet Viewer:
  • Choice of 32bit or 64bit Emulation Service
  • Flynet Viewer Studio advanced modeling and application generator
  • Solid Web Service options including SOAP, WCF, JSON-HTTP, and REST-HTTP
ColdFusion Screensurfer:
Screensurfer host gateway and ColdFusion CFX Tag
No specific Tool - We are COBOL and/or RPG programmers looking for a quick way to put web pages on our existing screen applications

Screensurfer host gateway and Surferscript screen-to-HTML application has the lowest cost and best performance of any host web gateway.

Flynet Viewer:
Flynet Viewer and the .NET User Interface generation capabilities can combine with the industry-leading Flynet Viewer Terminal emulator to provide the highest level of functionality for a web delivery of your host application. New with Flynet 2016 is the ability to publish JSON jQuery web services that provide ways to tap-into screen functionality while publishing fresh web user experiences including mobile.

J2EE UNIX-based Development

With the availability of Flynet Viewer 2016, we provide rapid delivery of Web Services (including JSON-based, SOAP and REST-XML) that provide a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach to component-based host integration.

We have a number of very successful customers that have integrated Screensurfer with their J2EE servers using our XML-over-HTTP support. With Screensurfer in this environment you can have a single host integration server providing integration to any number of J2EE-based development, test and production servers. This saves in licensing as well as management costs.

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